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Medieval Archaeological Complex Perperikon
Perperikon is located in the East Rhodope Mountain, 20 km northeast from the town of Kardzhali. The rock city stands on a cliff top at a height of 470 meters. The village of Gorna krepost lies at its foot, and the river Perpereshka flows beside it. The comfortable river valley has created conditions of life since ancient times. Therefore the valley is strewn with dozens of archaeological sites from various ages, the center of which is Perperikon. Read more...
The Thracian sanctuary at Tatul Village
The sanctuary is one of the most imposing megalithic monuments discovered on the territory of Bulgaria. It is a massive rock structure and its top is a truncated pyramid. The complex comprises two sarcophagi, a rectangular bed for the main altar, and a three-metre-deep well. It dates back to the end of the 5th and the beginning of the 4th centuries BC. Evidence to that is provided by the clay vessels that were discovered in the region. Read more...
The Devil’s Bridge
The Devil’s Bridge is a medieval bridge over the Arda river. It was built in 1515 - 1518  upon the remains of an ancient Roman bridge on the road, linking the Aegean region with Northern Thracian valley through the Makaza pass. 
The bridge is situated 420 m above sea level and is surrounded on both sides by steep slopes. Its length is 56 meters, and its width is 3.5 m. The bridge has three vaults; it has holes with small arches in its side vaults, made for drainage. The height of the middle vault is 11.5 - 12 m, with a stone parapet on the edge, 12 cm high. Read more ... 
Stone Mushrooms & The Petrified Wedding
Some of the most interesting rock formations of the so-called Kardzhali pyramids.
Stone Mushrooms
The rock formations have the shape of natural mushrooms – their stalks are pink, and the caps are green. The height of the mushroom stalks and the width of the caps are up to 2.5 m. Read more...
The Petrified Wedding
The rock formations reach 10 meters in height and lie on an area of 50 dca. They are made of rhyolite volcanic tuffs, which are the result of intensive underwater volcanic activity, dating back to the Paleocene. Read more...


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