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Guesthouse Kadishevi is located in a small village called Banite, hidden in the valley of Malka Arda river in the Central Rhodope Mountains of southern Bulgaria.


   28 Dicho Petrov Street
   4940 Banite, Smolyan


   Geographical coordinates:

   47° 37' 0'' North
   25° 1' 0'' East



By plane

The following airports are nearest to us:

  • Plovdiv Airport (PDV), BULGARIA - /Distance: 114 km, Time: 2 h 00 min/
  • Kavala Airport - Megas Alexandros (KVA), GREECE - /Distance: 154 km, Time: 3 h 35 min/
  • Sofia Airport (SOF), BULGARIA - /Distance: 267 km, Time: 3 h 35 min/
✈✈✈ Low-cost flights to Plovdiv Airport (PDV) with Ryanair
Note:  The flights to Plovdiv are only from London Stansted & Frankfurt Hahn Airports.
✈✈✈ Low-cost flights to Kavala Airport (KVA) with Germanwings.
Note:   The flights to Kavala are only in the period April-October.  
             Germanwings can fly you to Kavala from one of 14 airports in 6 countries:
             Belgium (Brussels);
             Germany (Berlin-Tegel, Bremen, Cologne-Bonn, Dresden, Hamburg, Hanover,
                                  Leipzig/Halle, Stuttgart, Usedom - Heringsdorf);
             Russia (Moscow-Vnukovo);
             Spain (Barcelona);
             Switzerland (Zurich);
             United Kingdom (Edinburgh). ​​
✈✈✈ Low-cost flights to Sofia Airport (SOF) with WizzAir.
Note:   A wide variety of departure airports. For more details check the airline website.


Guesthouse Kadishevi provides transportation service from above listed airports. Prices are as follows (max 4 people/trip): 

  • Plovdiv Airport - Banite village: €65
  • Kavala Airport - Banite village: €80
  • Sofia Airport - Banite village:  €110

                                                                                                            ♣  ♣  ♣

Due to the mountainous terrain of the region, the village is reachable only by road.

By car

If you choose to rent a vehicle in Bulgaria and drive to Banite yourself, there are several ways to reach the village by car.

From Smolyan
Smolyan - Sokolovtsi - Momchilovci - Slaveyno - Petkovo - Banite
/Distance: 45.5 km, Time: 1 h 09 min/
From Plovdiv
Plovdiv- Rozhen pass - Sokolovtsi - Momchilovci - Slaveyno -Petkovo - Banite
/Distance: 121 km, Time: 2 h 08 min/
From Kardzhali
Kardzhali - Ardino - Banite
/Distance: 59.9 km, Time: 1 h 17 min/
During the summer season:
Plovdiv - Lucky - Belica - Zagrajden - Davidkovo - Banite
/Distance: 110 km, Time: 2 h 31 min/

                                                                                                            ♣  ♣  ♣

By bus

There are direct bus connections with Smolyan, Kardzhali, Plovdiv and Madan. For more details on schedule and pricing click here.

Our recommendation: 
If your desire is to reach Banite directly leaving Sofia and your choice is to do so by bus, we encourage you to take the connection Sofia-Nedelino. In this case, your bus stop will be Byal Izvor. From there we could pick you up for additional €16 per trip (max 4 people).