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Dear Kadishevi Family,
Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend in Banite. We have been so well taken care of by you – from delicious meals (I will always dream of the salads and tomatoes from Banite), to beautiful, comfortable rooms, to wonderful tours of the area with Iskra, to trading English and Bulgarian phrases with your girls. Your hospitality is something I will always remember from my time in Bulgaria. I wish you all the best with your new guesthouse, and I look forward to visiting again someday (or welcoming you in America!)
from Lauren R. Kerby (Boston, USA) on 17 August 2013

I am humbled to write this, because our stay here was really heaven on earth. As we come from Plovdiv, especially from Trimontium Hotel, to your guesthouse, I noticed no difference. My perception of a village was completely wrong as I thought of a place where you can find round huts and where people use firewood for cooking. But to my surprise, I found myself comfortably sitting in a nice room better than the one in Gloria Palace hotel which is where we spent our first night in Sofia. I was fascinated by the availability of a WiFi connection which gave me opportunity to talk to my wife and children. Your hospitality and friendliness were outstanding! I also enjoyed the delicious meals you prepared. The cook is very good. Surely, we enjoyed ourselves! May the Good God bless you and your family.
from Rey Vincent Farirai Fenga (Harare, Zimbabwe) on 17 August 2013

I thank you for the great hospitality you offered us since our arrival in Banite. You are such a loving and caring family. We really felt more than at home. May the good God bless you! We stayed quite a number of days in Sofia and Plovdiv but the reception you offered us is extremely wonderful and I believe it can never be compared to. Staying at your guesthouse was more than a paradise to us. As we go back to Zimbabwe you will be part of our daily prayers. Once again, MAY THE GOOD GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU.
from Rey Tapiwa Huggins Gusha (Harare, Zimbabwe) on 17 August 2013

Hi! This is James. My first time in Banite and very much enjoying my stay at Guesthouse Kadishevi! Great landscape, great food, but most importantly great atmosphere!!! Wishing you all the best!
from James Scott (Berlin, Germany) on 17 August 2013

Bulgaria is a beautiful country to discover: amazing nature, wonderful historical places and friendly people. We will never forget that Andrey found ПУРИ for us, that water is everywhere in the area and the famous wines we drank. Merci for everything and especially for your hospitality!
from Claire & Hugo Sonck –Sepelie (Antwerp, Belgium) on 25 July 2014

We were very happy to be hosted by Andrey and Julia in this nice place. The landscape here makes me remember my area in France where there are lots of trees. Andrey and Julia are very nice and friendly. It was a pleasure to speak with Iskra on Skype. We will recommend your guesthouse if we know people who want to discover this area.
Очень приятно здесь! Большое спасибо!
from Sandrine & Laurent (Paris, France) on 03 August 2014